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5 Key Factors to Help You Lose Some Good Weight Within No Time

Max Motamedian

Are you looking to lose some good weight in the shortest possible time period? Well, if you are, there are certain points that you must ponder about before marching ahead for the whole mission.

Losing weight is quite easy and all you need to do is bringing some changes in your already corrupted lifestyle and routine. Mohsen Motamedian Export, which comes over as one of the most looked forward nutrition-based brand around the world, also recommends a few of the major dietary changes to achieve those long-awaited weight loss goals.

Max Motamedian

1. Avoid Sugars and Starches


One of the biggest benefits of cutting sugars and starches from your diet is that you will feel less hungry while consuming fewer calories in the process. Now once this happens, your body would use the extra fat stored around for energy purposes instead of the carbs. On the other side, the insulin levels in the body would also go down along with the sodium levels. As per Max motamedian, this is where all the extra bloating and water weight can be avoided in the process.

Max Motamedian

2. Eat More Protein and Fibers

Proteins are the building blocks of life and their consumption would help you in getting some extra lean muscles without going high on calories. Eventually, you would be feeling less hunger and consuming fewer calories to shed down that extra weight. Talking about major protein sources, eggs, meat, beef, pork and fish can be listed in the same category. Fibers, on the other side, help you with an improved digestion process and speed up the metabolism to burn down those extra calories. Speaking of fiber sources, fresh vegetables and fruits are the major ones. Max Motamedian speaks about proteins and fibers as the most helpful factors in any given weight loss regimen.

Max Motamedian

3. Exercise Regularly

Exercising can really help you in burning a lot of calories within a short period of time and it also helps in avoiding the slowness of metabolism during the weight loss regimen. Talking about exercise, you do not necessarily need to lift heavy weights every other day and even a little cardio workout can help you big time in your weight loss plans. All those people who are short on time and cannot bring an exercise routine into their daily routine can also opt for practices like yoga or meditation.

Max Motamedian

4. Water Consumption

You cannot survive through any given weight loss plan without ensuring proper consumption of water on daily basis. Water holds the 70% portion of our body and hence we must ensure enough water consumption on a daily basis to ensure proper functioning of your organs. Mohsen Motamedian Export talks about around 3 liters of water consumption on a daily basis and this can be said enough for a healthy weight loss routine.

Mohsen Motamedian Export

5. Sleep

Your body is a machine and just like every machine, it requires enough rest after a hectic day out. This is where every person who is getting along with a weight loss regime must ensure a sound sleep of around 6-8 hours on a daily basis. Mohsen Motamedian Export says that a good sleeping schedule ensures that your organs are getting enough rest so as to function in the proper manner during the weight loss process.

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