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    Max Motamedian has made his name as one of the most decorated entrepreneurs in the country who is also the CEO of Bashari Inc, a firm that is indulged in the manufacturing and marketing of vitamins and supplements around the world since the year 2008. Ever since he entered the same business domain, Mr. Mohsen Motamedian has stayed as an active part of all of the firm’s major business functions like marketing, sales, purchasing, and distribution. Well, we can certainly give credit for the same growth and progression to the unmatched talent and futuristic vision of Mr. Mohsen motamedian from Bashari Inc who has proved his prowess while delivering top-notch healthcare products and services to its global clients and customers

    Bashari Inc works on a unique methodology to ascertain the health of an individual. This is where it varies through a unique health assessment for all its customers that include certain key observations and diagnosis about their general health and wellbeing in the process. The firm also got the best and most experienced health professionals on board that would then recommend the most feasible and appropriate supplements (depending on your biometrics) to boost your overall health and wellbeing.

    Whilst acting as the current CEO of Bashari Inc, Max Motamedian has always stay updated with all the recent happenings and events in the medical and health science domain. He has further ensured participating in most of the health-based seminars and conventions across the globe, where world-renowned health experts assemble to impart to convey their knowledge and experiences about the best techniques and strategies about the health industry. That is how he has effectively planned and executed all the key strategies at bashari Inc to support and assist the overall growth and development of the firm in recent years. Mohsen Motamedian exports have also represented Bashari Inc in various events and ceremonies like International Congress in Aesthetic, Anti-Aging Medicine, Laser Conference & Exhibition, the Dubai World Dermatology and MEPLAST 2009. It is majorly due to his vast experience and expertise within the same domain that has further delivered the right approach and decisive capabilities for the firm. As a result, Bashari Inc is now made its mark as a major brand in the health and beauty care domain.

    It must be mentioned that before getting associated with Bashari Inc, Mohsen Motamedian finished his studies from the famous California State University, Long Beach. This was when he first got his interest created towards the health and nutrition domain and he went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in electronics while focusing on biomedical engineering. He has also worked as a Digital marketer and real estate agent for quite some time in order to manage his finances. Speaking of his major interests apart from his business, Mr. Max Motamedian has earned some good name while being one of the most famous philanthropists in the country. As of now, he is actively involved with numerous charitable trusts like Autism Society and the Child Foundation. Besides his business interests, Mohsen motamedian also loves skiing, hiking, watching movies, traveling and reading about airplanes and automobiles.

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