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Boost your immunity by using these 4 key ingredients in your daily diet

Surviving through this pandemic does depend on a lot of aspects. Firstly, you have to follow all the norms and measures in place regarding basic hygiene and social distancing.

Secondly, you have to back your health and body with all the right kind of diet. Now when it comes to thinking about the right diet to fight this pandemic situation, most of the people talk about all those immunity boosters’ supplements and medicines.

Mohsen motamedian, one of the best health experts and nutritionists around the world, confirms the fact that these supplements and boosters aren’t that effective in the long run.

Moreover, it's all about keeping the right diet and routine that will eventually save you from all kinds of troubles in the coming times. Speaking of the right diet, he suggests everyone include these 4 foods into their daily menu.

1. Eggs

Eggs are loaded with all the good protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Hence, you can count on them to bring some long required strength and immunity in the current times. Speaking of the protein content, a whole egg contains around 6 gms of proteins.

You can have to it raw form or boil, cook, roast, or fry as per your own convenience. Moreover, Mohsen motamedian export says a dozen eggs would cost you less than a medium-sized pizza.

2. Fruits and vegetables

Speaking of fruits, try to include most of the citrus fruits that are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. For all those who don’t know much about Vitamin C, it acts as the biggest contributor towards boosting a person’s immunity down the line.

On the other side, you must also bring all the fresh vegetables like sweet potato, kale, spinach, broccoli and so on in your diet. All these vegetables are high in fibers and other vitamins that help in keeping your digestive system sorted.

3. Spices

If you are not aware of the significance of certain spices in treating infection and viruses, you are certainly losing on a lot of information down the line. As per Max motamedian, certain Indian spices and condiments like turmeric, cinnamon, clove, and garlic are proven anti-bacterial home remedies.

As per him, these ingredients have long been used to treat all kinds of health ailments in communities and countries across the globe.

4.Tea and Coffee

When we are talking about Tea and coffee as an immunity booster, you must cut the sugar and dairy from the pack. Both Tea and Coffee comes loaded with antioxidants that help our body to fight all kind of infection, disease, and health issues.

Mohsen motamedian export says that drinking a cup of two of tea or coffee daily can help you feel energized and going.

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