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3 Key Skills That Differentiates Between a Good Photographer and a Professional Photographer

Although you can see numerous people wandering around with cameras or smartphones in their hands, the facts still don’t make them a professional photographer. A professional photographer is someone who can capture some great and vibrant pictures for any events like weddings, fashion shows, advertising shoots and so on. Still, if you have started just now in the same field, you have to learn about some big skills in the whole process.


Mohsen Motamedian Export, who comes over as one of the most famous photographers around, also emphasizes the need of learning some key skills for anyone who is looking forward to becoming a professional photographer.

1. A perfect Eye

Every great shot starts from a perfect view and the photographer must possess the right eye to look at things in the focus. A perfect photographer knows how to select the right location, view and angle and all of these qualities come with the right perspective of viewing things in general. As per Max Motamedian, this is something that differentiates between a good photographer and a professional photographer.

2. Technical know how

The world has become more tech-savvy and the same can be said about the photography domain. So, when it comes to becoming a professional photographer, the person must possess all the right technical expertise in order to use all the given advanced features and specifications of the high-end cameras. Mohsen Motamedian Export also puts forward his perspective in the same direction and quotes that a professional photographer must stay comfortable with given functions of a high-end camera in order to click those perfect pictures in the process.

3. Legal knowledge

Although photography doesn’t require much of legal expertise, every professional photographer must possess certain legal skills to counter all the given challenges during any given shoot or photography campaign. Talking about legal expertise, the same can help in situations where:

  • You have taken a photo of someone and posted it without their permission and now they have filed a legal case against you?
  • You are not allowed to click pictures and you still did in error
  • Copyright issues of the photo are in question
  • When a magazine or journal has published your photo without your permission
  • When you have unintentionally violated the privacy of any person or property

Max Motamedian also says that even though the photographer isn’t required to be a legal expert, he or she must have the required knowledge in the same regards. The same knowledge can help the person to avoid any unwanted legal situation or lawsuit while getting along with their respective shoots and campaigns.


You can click some good pictures from a smart phone camera but that still won’t stand well in comparison to the one clicked with a DSLR. Hence, if you come over as a person who is looking to make some good career and future in the same domain, you must take all the above mentioned skills into consideration.

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