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4 Protein Rich Foods that Must be a Part of Your Daily Dietary Regimen

A Healthy diet is highly required to build up the foundation of a healthy body and mind. While we do understand that, we are still unaware of ‘what food needs to be consumed’ to maintain the same health over a long period of time.


Mohsen Motamedian, who comes over as one of the best health experts across the globe, also talks about this ‘mostly ignored’ fact related to human health. Beside all the other key aspects, he also talks about the key role played by the ‘Protein-rich’ food items in the same process.

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Mohsen Motamedian

Best protein-rich food sources

Mohsen Motamedian Export

1. Eggs

If there’s one food item that you can blindly count upon for fulfilling your daily protein needs, it's Egg. Talking about its protein content, a normal whole egg contains 6gm of protein. The best part about eggs is that you can consume them in cooked or boiled form or even can make omelets out of it.

Max motamedian says that he was a big fan of eggs in his childhood and never missed a chance to have them in the breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Besides carrying all the rich protein, they are also high on taste.

2. Almonds

Mohsen Motamedian USA

Almonds have made it to the breakfast platter of almost every other family over the globe. Besides being a well-recognized super food, it is a well-known protein source for most of the vegans out there in the world. Almonds can be consumed in raw form and you can also consume them the next day after soaking them overnight. Mohsen motamedian export also says that a bunch of almonds contains around 8gms of protein and heaps of healthy fats and fibers alongside.

3. Chicken

If you love eating meat, there’s no chance that you would've never fell in love with the chicken. Besides being super delicious, chicken is also high on protein content (50gm protein in each 100gm ). As per Mohsen motamedian USA, this is the key reason why every meat-eater around the world prefers chicken over all the available protein sources.

4. Cheese

Cheese has always been loved by people who are highly attached with milk or milk-based products for their daily dietary regimen. According to Mohsen motamedian, 100gm of cheese contains around 18 gms of protein and you can consume it raw, grilled or any other form as per your likings and preferences.

Now, before you head out to market in order to pick your favorite cheese, do ensure to pick the one with the lowest fat content.

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